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    17 Of The Best Car Seats You Can Get On Amazon

    Your little one will be riding in style.

    1. A princess booster seat that'll turn your car into a chariot and make your little one feel like royalty.

    2. A three-in-one convertible seat with more than 2,000 five-star reviews raving about how easy it is to adjust and how safe it feels.

    3. A lightweight infant car seat because carrying around a baby is hard enough and your car seat shouldn't make you feel like you're lifting iron at the gym.

    4. An infant car seat with a four-position extension panel that provides an additional five inches of leg room for your tall little one.

    5. A Grab-and-Go booster seat that's so small you can easily slip it into a backpack or bag to make traveling super simple.

    6. A high-back booster seat – for this one, you can even schedule a live video installation session, so you *know* that it will be installed correctly.

    7. A splurge-worthy Clek Fllo because having a baby doesn't mean you should compromise on your style—or safety.

    8. Or a simple one certified to use on an airplane to make traveling over the holidays (or any other time of the year) so very easy.

    9. An all-in-one convertible seat that fits children from birth to 120 pounds so you only need one car seat from the day you bring them home from the hospital to (basically) the day you send them off to college.

    10. A LE Harness + Booster designed with a true four-position recline so your little one can nap comfortably in the car.

    11. A convertible one that has a one-hand adjust so you can multitask like the true parent you are.

    12. A seat your little Mouseketeer will love riding in till they're old enough to sing "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E" on their own.

    13. A three-in-one harness booster that has an eight-position adjustable headrest and removable cup holders to easily customize the seat to your child's liking.

    14. A Maxi-Cosi Pria reviewers say kept their children comfortable and stopped them from screaming in the car.

    15. A Topside Booster car seat with extra plush padding on the seat to make longer car rides go by without your kid asking, "Are we there yet?" every five minutes.

    16. Or a TruboBooster that has two hideaway cups because who wants to hear your kid yelling, "I'm thirsty" for the whole car ride?

    When you baby finally falls asleep in the car and you're so excited but can't make any noise:

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