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    31 Things For Your Bedroom That People Actually Swear By

    If your bedroom isn't your favorite place in your home, maybe you need to add a few of these items.

    1. An all-season duvet insert to give your bed a comfort makeover because it is *the* single most important part of the room (and, if we're being real, your entire home).

    The duvet in white on top of a bed

    2. A full-length mirror so you can see how your entire outfit looks from head to toe before you leave the house.

    A round white full-length mirror

    3. A floral medallion tapestry to give your walls new life, which is great if you rent and can't paint the walls — or you just don't want to.

    Large white tapestry with pink, green, and brown flowers in leaves in a circular pattern on the tapestry on a wall in a bedroom

    4. A beautiful art print that'll add a touch of personality to your bedroom wall and also *probably* remind you to water your plants.

    An illustrated art print of a woman watering her plants

    5. A two-pack of gel pillows because you should probably replace the ones that you've had for years. It's time.

    Two white pillows stacked on top of each other

    6. A marble accent table you'll want to have ~a-round~ for years because it will look so nice sitting next to your bed and give you a place to put your phone at night while you sleep.

    A round marble table with black metal triangle legs

    7. A table lamp with five color modes and seven brightness levels that's gentle on your eyes.

    The lamp sectioned off into five different strips showing the different lighting colors from white, to cool white, natural, yellow, and warm yellow

    8. A drawer organizer to help introduce you to the world of Marie Kondo, even if you're not ready to get rid of everything yet. At least your drawers can look good!

    9. A Novogratz metal bed frame to upgrade your bed system and make you feel like you're actually an adult (no matter how old you are).

    A metal bed frame in dark grey with round finial posts on the headboard and foot board in a bedroom

    10. A set of floating bookshelves that'll not only provide you with a means to keep books organized, but also turn them into wall art.

    Reviewer photo of six books seemingly floating from the wall with a small cactus on top

    11. A lampshade with a cool geometric print that will for sure be a statement piece in the room.

    A lampshade with two different black and white graphic prints in squares all around it

    12. An over-the-door baseball cap holder to tidy up your closet and stop them from piling up in random corners of your home.

    13. A three-piece comforter set with a tropical design that might just make you feel like you're relaxing on a tropical island as you fall asleep.

    The comforter with a green and blue succulent illustration all over it on a bed with assorted pillows

    14. A pet bed to keep your furry friend comfortable and close to you as you sleep at night if sharing the bed with your pup or kitty isn't your style.

    15. A double laundry basket with two compartments so you can pre-sort your lights and darks, essentially making doing laundry just a little bit easier.

    The laundry basket in grey with a model lifting the attached lid to put a towel into one of the two compartments

    16. A set of microfiber sheets with more than 55,000(!!!!) five-star reviews, so you know they must be AH-MAZING.

    Red sheets and pillowcases with a white Quatrefoil design on a bed

    17. A set of blackout curtains so effective at blocking out sunlight, you'll probably want to make sure to set an alarm (or two).

    Grey curtains on a window

    18. Or sheer floral curtains to let natural light in to the room and make it feel bigger than it actually is.

    Sheer curtains in pink with multi-color floral pattern down the middle

    19. A faux-fur throw for adding an extra layer of warmth when you're too comfortable to get up from your bed and turn the heat up a couple of degrees.

    A fuzzy white blanket on a chair

    20. A vanity that'll change the way you get ready and make you feel like a movie star in the process. Who wants to stand and get ready when you can sit and look at yourself in these big mirrors!?!

    The vanity with five drawers in the front and a three-part mirror in white with a small stool with a padded fabric top

    21. An essential oil diffuser to make your room such a sanctuary you'll probably feel like you're at a relaxing spa.

    The diffuser in brown with a wood-like pattern sitting on a table releasing steam into the air

    22. An eight-drawer dresser people may be shocked about when you tell them how little you paid for this beauty.

    White dresser with eight drawers of different sizes and black handles

    23. An upholstered platform bed that'll immediately take your decor to new *heights*.

    The dark grey bed frame with a tuffed headboard with a mattress on top of it

    24. A brushed steel lamp with a charging outlet in the base to illuminate your space and also keep your phone at 100%.

    Reviewer photo of the lamp with a silver base sitting on a bedside table

    25. A five-shelf hanging closet organizer for storing random things that take up more space on a hanger (such as sweaters or scarves or even nonhangable things like shoes).

    Five-tier hanging shelf with three mesh pockets on the side hanging in a closet in a bedroom

    26. Or a complete organization system to overhaul your whole closet and, at the same time, quite possibly change your life.

    The system with three different areas to hand things and seven shelves of different lengths attached to a wall with clothes, shoes, and accessories in it

    27. Or a garment rack you can use to organize your clothes if your current closet situation just isn't cutting it.

    Reviewer photo of the rack  with lots of clothes hung on the rod, accessories handing from the ends and two cubes at the bottom holding shoes

    28. A faux-leather folding storage ottoman to stash all your extra pillows and blankets and make the end of your book look extra elegant to boot.

    The ottoman sitting in front of a bed with the top leaning against it, showing that it's filled with blankets

    29. Bed bands that'll work super hard to keep the corners of your fitted sheet in place so they don't pop off and try to escape every chance they get. Plus, this means you won't have to fight to get the sheet on all four corners as often — that itself is a chore.

    30. A vintage-looking accent rug so beautiful Meghan Markle *probably* has it in her room too (just a hunch here).

    The rug with a black and white pattern on the floor in a room

    31. A three-tier shoe rack you can use to keep your shoes organized instead of in a barely visible messy pile across the bottom of your closet.

    A three-tier shoe rack with seven pairs of shoes on it

    Me even when I just leave my bedroom for five minutes:

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