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    Anthropologie's Summer Sale Is Here To Help You Get Your Best Summer Style Yet

    Lots of amazing summer styles under $100.

    Summer means warm weather, adventures with friends...and figuring out what to wear – sometimes you don't even want to think about wearing your summer wardrobe from last year.

    Luckily, Anthropologie is here to help you get out of your style rut and add a few fun new pieces to your wardrobe (at lower prices!) with their Summer Tag Sale.

    Everything in the sale section is an additional 30% off, meaning you can save some big change on so many items.

    Here are a few of our favorites that all ring up at under $100:

    1. A midi dress you'll feel like an actual ray of sunshine in.

    2. A pair of shorts with pleats to make it seem like you're wearing a skirt without having to worry about experiencing a Marilyn Monroe moment when you're out in public.

    3. A bag you'll ~totes~ want to use immediately because you probably should have replaced the one you've been using every day months ago.

    4. Some wide leg pants appropriate for the beach, but also just for a super hot day at work. You know the kind where you don't even want to think about leaving your house, but you have to anyway. Yeah, that one.

    5. A button-front pencil skirt – put it on when you're in a tight ~squeeze~ and need a cute outfit in a matter of seconds. This + a white tee = you'll be good to go all day long.

    6. A pair of mid-rise boyfriend jeans you'll rock long after Labor Day is over (and the next Labor Day, and probably even the one after that).

    7. A snake print midi skirt people will be ~slithering~ to give you all the compliments in.

    8. A jumpsuit. You won't be able to ~concentrate~ on anything else until this baby is in your closet and ready to wear to your next brunch with your friends.

    9. An a-line skirt my coworker owns, so I can say with 100% certainty that it looks just as fabulous in person as it looks online.

    10. A mini tote bag to use on the weekend when you don't have to carry your life around and can just stick to the essentials: phone, wallet, keys. (Oh and maybe lipstick!)

    11. A mixed-pint blouse, which is a good introduction to print mixing if you're wayyyy too nervous to try it on your own.

    12. A wrap dress – you won't even need Noah from The Notebook to write you 365 letters to know that you'll look amazing in it.

    13. A printed scarf to add a touch of femininity no matter what way you decide to wear it.

    14. A orchard skirt that'll add some ~zest~ to your summer wardrobe. You'll find yourself reaching for this more often than anything else in your closet.

    15. A pair of cat-eye sunglasses so you can test out this trend without spending a ton of money.

    16. A one-piece swimsuit I can already see you ROCKING on the Fourth of July and beyond. You'll be ready for whatever pool-side photoshoot takes place.

    17. A silky bomber jacket so nice and so light that you can keep it with you when you're going to be out all day and night (and know that the temperature may drop a bit).

    18. A maxi dress with a twist front element because even if you have a maxi dress, you don't have one like this. And as I say, one can truly never have too many maxi dresses.

    19. A midi skirt that'll be the ~cherry on top~ of whatever epic summer adventure you have while you wear this. You know the kind of adventure where you make *one* plan with your friends, but then end up spending the whole day doing completely random but oh-so fun things. You know what I'm talking about.

    20. A pair of slides for when you're feeling a little ~ruff~ and can't even imagine doing more than just sliding on these beauties and leaving.

    21. A handkerchief skirt – you'll be in ~tears~ over how beautiful it is.

    22. A pair of wide-leg chino pants that'll be your summer go-to when it's *actually* too hot to put on a pair of skinny jeans.

    23. A twist headband to help hide the fact that you haven't washed your hair in days...or weeks. (No judgement! I've been there!)

    24. Some lightweight linen pants that'll make getting dressed in the morning a ~breeze~.

    25. A cactus top even the ~prick-iest~ person will find adorable and want to wear.

    And this is only a small selection of the great stuff. (There's almost 2,000 items on sale.😱) Check out the rest here. Happy shopping!

    Me promising not to tell anyone how little you paid for all these great items:

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