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    34 Storage And Organization Products That Have Small Price Tags But Big Results

    Great products to help get your home in order—all under $30.

    1. An acrylic storage box that'll make you feel like you're a beauty influencer when you use it. Everything will look so nice, it may inspire you to get more makeup. Sephora, here you come!

    2. An over-the-cabinet holder so you always know exactly where your cutting boards are.

    3. A baseball cap holder I'll go ~a-head~ and say now that you'll be very thankful for as it frees up valuable space in your closet.

    4. An expandable shelf that fits under your sink to utilize all that wasted space so you can fit and hide away more toiletries and cleaning supplies.

    5. An adjustable pot and pan holder that makes it super easy to grab that one pan you need for your recipe without having to try and grab it from the middle of the pile as the rest of your pots and pans come tumbling down on you.

    6. A rack so all your cleaning tools (i.e. mops, brooms, etc.) are nice and orderly. They'll also take up less space hanging neatly on the wall instead of in the corner of a closet.

    7. A hanger organizer to calm you mind because just *looking* at that "before" picture is giving me anxiety about how much space hangers take up.

    8. An outlet shelf to give your bathroom products ~a lift~ off your oh-so-precious counter space.

    9. A shirt folding board that'll make your closet look like a department store—it'll be like shopping, but in your own closet, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    10. A three-compartment plastic lid organizer to prevent an avalanche of plastic containers every time you open your cabinets.

    11. A double closet rod for when you REALLY want to take your space up a notch. Just be careful, because all this extra room may inspire you to buy even more clothes.

    12. A turntable organizer you'll have a-round for a long time because you won't have to fight with your roommate about which products to keep at the front of your cabinet anymore.

    13. Some nonslip velvet hangers designed to take up less space and hold clothes better, so half your wardrobe doesn't end up on the floor when you try and take one shirt out.

    14. A shower curtain with pockets that may look a little strange, but if you don't have any storage space in your bathroom or shower, this will keep everything right where you need it.

    15. A kitchen wrap holder to keep your kitchen wrap, baggies, and aluminum foil upright (taking up less space in your pantry).

    16. A closet organizer because accessories are some of the hardest things to keep orderly, right? This magic device is basically 14 hangers in one.

    17. A slide-out storage tower so you can ~squeeze~ the most room out of your kitchen even if you have less cabinet space than you thought was possible.

    18. A honeycomb drawer organizer because you never know how much joy an organized sock drawer will bring you until you have one. Trust me, it's a lot.

    19. A pot lid rack you can mount on the inside of a cabinet or the wall and have a great place to stash lids that are cumbersome and annoying when stored right with the pots and pans.

    20. A wall organizer for all your important documents so you can grab them when you need them, instead of searching through that pile that's been sitting on your desk for wayyy too long.

    21. A tea bag organizer that'll cut down on the number of boxes you have in your pantry: each slot is big enough to hold at least 10 tea bags.

    22. A medicine cabinet organizer even Marie Kondo would be proud of you for using.

    23. A 24-pocket over-the-door organizer designed to hold shoes, but as many of the over 4,000 reviews say it can also be used for SO many different things – from snacks to water bottles, to baby gear, and more.

    24. A silverware sorter designed to fit all your utensils together (on top of each other) in only half of the drawer (so you can fit all your other tools next to it).

    25. A set of Shoe Slotz that stack your shoes on top of each other, so you have no excuse not to buy that amazing pair you saw this weekend. You'll totally have the room now!

    26. A deluxe spice rack that will not only give you more space in your cabinet, but also prevent you from buying duplicates of spices when you *think* you're out of cumin, but really it's been hiding in the back the whole time.

    27. Or a spice drawer organizer if you don't have enough cabinet space but still want all your spices to be together and organized so you can grab the garlic quickly when the recipe calls for it.

    28. A drawer organizer set to keep all your undergarments and accessories right where you need them to be and make it super easy to grab that one pair of tights you have that are *actually* comfortable and don't have any rips.

    29. A SimpleHouseware two-tier sliding basket designed to help you organize the area under the sink so you can fully use all the space that your home has.

    30. A can dispenser rack so you can stock up on canned food and drinks for the winter when you actually start to hibernate because it's too cold to even think about leaving the house.

    31. A set of packing cubes – you'll be surprised at how much you can pack to bring on your next vacation without having to check a bag.

    32. An over-the-cabinet organizer because one person TOTALLY needs a blow dryer, two straighteners, three curling irons, and an assortment of other tools. Those tools are your secret to fabulous hair, and you should never compromise on that!

    33. A three-tier corner shelf organizer for all that china you totally needed to register for...even if you haven't used it once since you got it.

    34. And a shower caddy with individual spots for all your bottles so they don't fall over when you go to grab your shampoo.

    How I feel after organizing my home with all these products:

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