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    30 Stylish Items That'll Make You Want To Book A Tropical Vacation ASAP

    Whether you rock these on a beach vacay or on a normal day, you'll have one ~shell~ of a good time.

    1. A v-neck maxi with an adjustable tie to make it so it's not too long and not too short. So, basically, it's the Goldilocks of dresses.

    2. An embroidered loafer designed to make you feel like one ~fine-apple~. Yes, I said it. You heard me.

    3. A tie-waist ruffle shirt to wear to the office on a Friday when you'd rather be lying on a beach somewhere...but make Karen happy and reply to her email.

    4. A tie-sleeve dress with toucans on it. Yes, you heard me right TOUCANS. Okay, that's all.

    5. A pair of earrings to add a ~splash~ of glitz and glam to any outfit.

    6. A crop top and skirt set so chic, you'll ask yourself, "Water am I doing, I need this now."

    7. An off-the-shoulder bodycon dress that costs less than two drinks would and will make you look sooooooo good.

    8. A sweatshirt you can wear at the end of a long day full of sun and adventure when you can still feel the sun on the skin and the sand in your hair. Ahh the good life!

    9. A tee to take your basic t-shirt game to the next level. Plus, if you're not sure how to mix patterns, this is a great start.

    10. A satin skirt that's wayyy more unique and fun than the leopard print mini everyone and their mother is wearing right now.

    11. A shell clutch you'll be as happy as a clam to use. It's just so dang cute.

    12. A long robe blazer – I think you'll love it a lot because it's the ~pom~.

    13. A maxi – give the ~cold shoulder~ to anyone who says you should only wear this on vacation. That's silly.

    14. A printed denim short to switch up your summer style with something a little more interesting.

    15. A kimono-style top that's so versatile, it looks just as good with jean shorts and a tank top as it does with a swimsuit!

    16. A scrunshie because your hair deserves love and once you enter the scrunchie life, you'll never leave.

    17. A halter dress you could wear to a beach wedding, or you know, just a normal wedding, so your friends know that even though you're there, you mind is really on island time.

    18. A small woven tote you'll have a ~flocking~ good time toting around and showing off to everyone you know.

    19. A romper that'll help you realize that the romper life is the one for you. You never have to worry about a gust of wind sneaking up on you and giving you that Marilyn Monroe moment you didn't want.

    20. A mini skirt you'll be able to ~seas~ the day in (it doesn't matter if that just means running the list of errands you've been putting off for months).

    21. A v-neck dress perfect for an outdoor wedding on a day that may be super hot. At least in this, you won't look like a ball of sweat.

    22. A pair of drop earrings so epic, they'll give you #BigEarringEnergy when you wear them. Yes, it's that thing where your confidence level goes up 100% when you rock big earrings.

    23. An off-the-shoulder top you can throw on with jean shorts to wear out when your girlfriends call and want to have a GNO ASAP. Get moving!

    24. A double decker shoe because toucan play this game, and you're going to win.

    25. A two-piece set you'll like so much you'll wear it all the time, for shore.

    26. A maxi dress so bright and full of florals, you won't be able to help but smile when you put it on. Now show me a twirl!

    27. A pair of monstera earrings – people won't be-leaf how cute they; people will probably stop you on the street to ask you where you got them.

    28. Some leggings because even your workout could use a little tropical flair.

    29. A blouse dress to wear to work to help keep your eye on the prize: those PTO days.

    30. And a romper to help you keep palm and carry on because you know a vacation is in your future very soon.

    MOOD all day every day, when I'm not on vacation.

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