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    • abbyh7

      OOH! I always win at these bad roommate stories!  My roommate for the first half of freshman year of college didn’t like to wear clothes and instead wandered around our dorm wearing nothing but a blanket (only person I’ve ever known who had to put ON clothes in order to play strip poker). She was sleeping with just about everybody on campus while being “in love” with her boyfriend from home who showed up to surprise her one day and I had to go get her from her sex buddy’s room 2 floors up. She had been sleeping with an older couple from back home until the wife became obsessed with her and so I had to deal with her phone calls at all hours because my roomie refused to answer the phone or deal with the woman. Roomie made a ridiculous porno (complete with costumes!) with a guy that got passed around half of campus. She brought a guy back to have sex while I was in the room and awake. She covered our door with posters of penises and dildos on the day my parents came to pick me up for Thanksgiving break. I found out after moving out that apparently she was using MY bed to have sex on a regular basis because her bed was so gross. She rarely showered despite the multiple sex partners. And the part that usually puts me into the winning category… she got FLEAS because she had sex with a guy in his dog’s bed because he wanted to see how low she would sink!

    • abbyh7

      I teach middle school and one of my favorite ways to remind my students of things is to offer them the reminder on a piece of fluorescent duck tape across their shirt. They LOVE it and it works very, very well!! I had one 7th grader who asked me every day for a piece that was long enough so he could put all of his homework assignments on it. (For the first time in at least 3 years, he actually got all of his homework in for several weeks in a row!)

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