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Oct 2016
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    abbyh4a860a9cd commented on Give Us A Short, But Detailed, Explanation Of What Childbirth Felt Like To You

    Imagine having the worst food poisoning of your life, but instead of diarrhea, you have to poop out an eight pound butternut squash.


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    abbyh4a860a9cd commented on Tell Us The Most Ridiculous In-Classroom Experience You've Ever Witnessed

    One of my male 9th grade students asked another male 9th grader "can I suck your peepee?" Loudly. In front of the whole class. In front of me - his teacher. ? This is the same kid that would occasionally crawl around on all fours during class. Sometimes I think about that day and… 


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    abbyh4a860a9cd commented on Here Are 14 More Totally Unbelievable Things People Actually Said To Pregnant Women

    I was a teacher while pregnant with my daughter. I taught 11th grade and my students were very concerned I would go into labor during their 45 minute class period. They talked about what we would do if I went into labor at school almost every day. At one point, a couple of the boys… 


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    abbyh4a860a9cd commented on Tell Me Something Ridiculously Sweet Your Partner Did For You When You Were Pregnant

    Im over seven months pregnant now and last night my husband put my sneakers on for me because I can no longer reach around my huge belly. That may not sound like a big deal, but he almost made us late for dinner because he spent so much time trying to tie the laces the EXACT way I… 


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    abbyh4a860a9cd commented on Tell Us About Your Most Cringeworthy Social Media Fuck-Up

    When I was in college there was a girl that lived in the apartment below us that had some sort of vendetta against my roommates and me. She claimed that we were incredibly loud at all hours of the night and would often call the landlord on us even though we tried our hardest to be… 


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