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Which Windsor Friend Are You?

5 ladies, 4 options

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  1. What was your road trip role?

    Deciding when the bathroom break was
    Playing country music
  2. What lie did you tell the border agent?

    alternative facts

    "no pepper spray here"
    "we are not bringing tobacco into the country"
    "we ~maybe~ did a bit of drinking"
    "abby's a weirdo"
  3. what is your gambling style?

    lose $5 immediately on slot machines
    lose $5 but it's ok because canadian money = monopoly money
    somehow win 80 cents only to lose it on the titanic game??
    lose $5 over a few different slot machines
  4. how would you order at wineology?

    the white flight
    get a combined ~6 oz of pinot grigio and then fall asleep
    forget which white wine you want, waitress can pick for ya
    order whatever white wine no one else is getting because ur special
  5. what was your favorite part of the trip?

    bathroom selfies!!! & the poutine
    ordering double long islands #hardo and watching canadian strangers do coke
    the beer store aka canadian disneyland
    nothing will ever compare to Anre saying hi to you that one time
  6. what was your least favorite part of the trip?

    being abandoned in the hotel room
    being cold in the shade :(
    bridget and cassie watching you nap in the car #awkward
    the jacket dude grinding up on ya
  7. how good are you at opening the crazy canadian beer?

    bomb af - you engineered a solution and used the hotel door
    you accomplished this once but never again
    not bomb af - you got foam everywhere
    very not bomb af - you never got one open
  8. how do you respond to canadian men?

    dad-bod creeps and friendly neighbors alike ;)

    "Ya doing coke is cool I would love to watch"
    "for the ninth time we do not want to get in the vehicle"
    "no u cannot buy me shawarma"

Which Windsor Friend Are You?

You got: Sarah & Abby's romantic honeymoon

was there even anyone else on the trip? not according to sarah's snapchat

Sarah & Abby's romantic honeymoon
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You got: Bridget Smidget Komyatte


Bridget Smidget Komyatte
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You got: Cassandra Kienle

pulling canadian hoes & the original target of the casino stalkers

Cassandra Kienle
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You got: Megan

Fan of naps. Not a fan of the sink water.

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