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For Everyone Who Is Attracted To The Hound From "Game Of Thrones"

Because woof.

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Scottish actor Rory McCann is clearly sexy as hell.

And his character on HBO’s Game of Thrones simply confirms that.
Jason Merritt / Staff / Getty Images

And his character on HBO’s Game of Thrones simply confirms that.

He’s tough, rugged and irascible and you love it.

But if that rare moment does occur when he is as if all seven kingdoms have come to a peace.

HBO / Via

But his grumpiness turns you on. You know it does.

HBO / Via

Oh, Sandor.

His bluntness riles you up every single episode.

HBO / Via

Also, he loves wine. That’s a plus.

In fact, his brutish charm only adds to your fantasies about him.

Old Gods and the New, please let me be a chicken.

HBO / Via

But you have to admit that he does have a sweet side. Even if he denies it.

His relationship with Arya is just heartwarming.

HBO / Via

He would make such a good daddy.

And you swear you can heal him from his past in every way you possibly can.

HBO / Via

He’s hurt and basically begging for your affection.

HBO / Via

And you have absolutely no problem providing him with that.

Under the armor, scar, and scraggly hair, there’s a man. A sexy man.

So cheers to you, Sandor, for stealing our hearts. And the chickens.

HBO / Via

Oh, and fuck the king.

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