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    15 Times Derek Jeter Was Too Sassy For His Own Good

    He’s the captain for a reason.

    1. That time he caressed Robinson Cano’s facial hair.

    YES Network / Via

    Goochy-goochy goo.

    2. That time he meticulously chose which fan to give a ball to.


    NO- NO- NO- not you- YOU.

    3. That time he, again, chose which fan to give the ball to.


    Sweet and sassy.

    4. That time the sass just poured out of his face and manifested itself into a smile.

    MY 9 / Via


    5. That time his sarcasm broke The Tonight Show.

    6. This time:

    NBC / Via

    He even makes a sassy woman.

    7. That time Derek Jeter didn’t do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; but the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did Derek Jeter.

    8. That time he sassily ignored Joba Chamberlain sticking out his tongue.



    9. That time he told Joe Buck to just get out of the clubhouse.

    FOX / Via

    If Derek Jeter wants you to go, you go.

    10. That time he casually poured champagne over Kim Jones’s head.

    YES Network / Via

    He’s so chill. So sassy.

    11. That time he didn’t agree with the call and let everyone know.

    12. That time he- not sure- but that sh*t looks sassy.

    13. That time he was so sassy he morphed himself into a female fan.

    YES Network / Via

    14. That time he ran onto the field and was like, “I have run onto the field now the game can begin."

    YES Network / Via

    15. AND FINALLY, the sassiest of the sass, goes all the way back to his childhood days.


    “I’m going to fool all of you and play soccer, then become one of the best baseball players of all time. They won’t suspect a thing."

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