14 Things Everyone Who Loves Black Coffee Is Tired Of Hearing

Once you go black…

1. “How do you drink it like that?”

Disney / Via giphy.com

It’s simple: You lift the cup, put it to your mouth, and take a sip.

2. “But isn’t it like so bitter and gross?”

Bravo / Via rtvgames.com

Obviously not if I’m drinking it right now.

3. “Did you always take it like that?”

Does it really matter?

4. “Do you just drink it like that to seem pretentious?”

Miramax Films / Via blog.muchmusic.com

Ha, yeah you caught me.

5. “You must be a writer.”

You must be a psychic.

6. “Trying to stay up late?”

No, I take it like this all the time.

7. “I like black coffee also! With two sugars.”

Paramount Pictures / Via s1019.photobucket.com

No, no, no, sweetie.

8. “So you probably like espresso too right?”

The CW / Via keane14.tumblr.com

Is that how it works?

9. Waitress: “Would you like cream or sugar?”


10. Waitress: “Are you sure?”

Be gone.

11. “You take it black? Even iced coffee?”

The Weinstein Company / Via seoulsync.com

What wasn’t I clear about?

12. “I’ll take a vanilla latte with whipped cream.”

NBC / Via imgur.com


13. “I’m going to start drinking my coffee like that.”

FOX / Via giphy.com

Good for you.

14. “Are you on a diet?”

Should I be?

They’ll never understand us.

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