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14 Things Everyone Who Loves Black Coffee Is Tired Of Hearing

Once you go black...

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1. “How do you drink it like that?"

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It’s simple: You lift the cup, put it to your mouth, and take a sip.

2. “But isn’t it like so bitter and gross?"

Bravo / Via

Obviously not if I’m drinking it right now.

3. “Did you always take it like that?"

The CW / Via

Does it really matter?

4. “Do you just drink it like that to seem pretentious?"

Miramax Films / Via

Ha, yeah you caught me.

5. “You must be a writer."

NBC / Via

You must be a psychic.

6. “Trying to stay up late?"

ABC / Via

No, I take it like this all the time.

7. “I like black coffee also! With two sugars."

Paramount Pictures / Via

No, no, no, sweetie.

8. “So you probably like espresso too right?"

The CW / Via

Is that how it works?

9. Waitress: “Would you like cream or sugar?"



10. Waitress: “Are you sure?"

11. “You take it black? Even iced coffee?"

The Weinstein Company / Via

What wasn’t I clear about?

12. “I’ll take a vanilla latte with whipped cream."

NBC / Via


13. “I’m going to start drinking my coffee like that."

FOX / Via

Good for you.

14. “Are you on a diet?"

The CW / Via

Should I be?

They’ll never understand us.

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