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Which Member Of Girls' Generation Are You?

I know you've been wondering where you'd fall in Korea's national girl group. Yes, this includes all 9.

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  1. 1. In your friend group, you're usually...

    Making the plans

    Take charge and round everyone up.

    Setting the mood

    If I'm up, everyone's up. If I'm down, everyone's down.

    The mom

    Resident cheek-pincher.

    Tagging along

    Fine, I'll peel myself out of bed since you won't stop asking.

    Cracking a sarcastic joke
    Going with the flow

    I'm fine with anything.

    Being made fun of

    In a loving way.

    Hitting anyone who makes you laugh

    It's a habit!

    Pulling a prank

    -mischievous grin-

  2. 2. People would describe you as...

    Laid Back
  3. 3. On Friday nights, you're happiest if you're...

    Dancing all night at a club
    At home surfing the Internet
    Doing anything with your best friends
    Ordering takeout and watching TV
    Catching up with a friend over dinner
    Reading a good book
    On vacation getting a massage
    Spending time with your significant other
    Relaxing after a hectic week
  4. 4. What's your spirit animal?

  5. 5. Place yourself on the spectrum of introversion/extroversion.

    1 being most introverted, 9 being most extroverted

    1 being most introverted, 9 being most extroverted

  6. 6. What's your favorite music to listen to?

    Soothing Ballads
    Whatever is on the radio
    Anything with a catchy tune
    Artists with amazing vocals
    Powerful, belt-it-out singers
    Pump-up, party music
    Chill music
    Songs with deep lyrical meaning/that are relatable
  7. 7. What would you wear?

    Maxi Dress
    Black Converse
    Lightweight Collared Button Down
    Graphic Print Tee
    Dark sunglasses
    Cadet Cap
    Skinny Jeans
  8. 8. Your worst trait is that you...

    Talk too much
    Are a bit spoiled
    Are too honest
    Take yourself too seriously
    Are prone to big mood swings
    Don't speak your mind enough
    Are too loud
    Are a bit of a wallflower
    Bite people
  9. 9. In the future, you'd most prefer to be...

    A fashion designer
    A singer
    An actor
    A talk-show host
    A comedian
    A diplomat
    A dancer
    A CEO
    A stay-at-home parent

Which Member Of Girls' Generation Are You?

You got: Taeyeon

You may be the leader and best singer of Girls' Generation, but you're also one of the most introverted and introspective members. You think. A lot. About everything. You like to spend time alone in your room or hang out with just a few close friends at a time. Some people describe you as "dorky" or "immature" because of your sense of humor, but you also know how to be serious when need be. You’re a favorite among the fans because of how much you try to connect with them personally. You've become a bit jaded with the celebrity life, and can even be prone to depression, but you love singing too much to give it up. You act aloof, but truly care for your members. You’re a great listener, and don’t ask to be listened to in return.

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You got: Jessica

Some refer to you as the "ice princess" because of your chic and cold outer appearance. Once you warm up to people, however, you're much softer and sweeter, though still a bit sarcastic. You're not afraid to hit your friends when they say something ridiculous or mean, and your version of showing love is picking subtle fun at people. You're easily the second best singer in the group, but you also have interests outside of Girls' Generation, namely fashion and design. were removed from the group in September of 2014. You still have your own fashion brand, though!

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You got: Sunny

You’re known as Girls’ Generation’s energy pill! Your bubbly personality and bright smile puts everyone in a good mood. You’re by far one of the funniest members of the group, and are one of the most talented on variety shows because of your humor and charisma. You also have a lot of “aegyo,” meaning you’re really, really good and being cutesy. You also know how to work the camera better than almost anyone else. Some consider you to be the cool one of the group because of your casual, edgy street style. Not to mention you rocked the bleached blonde pixie cut!

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You got: Tiffany

You’re the heart and soul of Girls’ Generation. You take pride in the group like no other member, and work hard to maintain and upkeep the group image for the fans. Some refer to you as “Manager Hwang” because of how seriously you take your job. Everyone in the group openly admits that they wish they could be you because you’re friends with everyone and everyone loves you. You keep your friends very close and are extremely loyal, but you also are a force to be reckoned with during fights. You’ve worked harder than most throughout your career, both in becoming more fluent in Korean (you’re from LA originally), and at being a better singer. Good news, you’ve succeeding in both!

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You got: Hyoyeon

You’re the dancing queen, Hyoyeon! Although you’re a member of one of the most famous singing groups in Korea, your real passion lies with dancing and performing. You excel the most in hip-hop choreography and popping, but let’s face it, you’re good at everything involving movement. You’re also one of the funniest members, and are known to be the one who sets the mood. If you’re having a good day, which you usually are, everyone around you feels the same way. You radiate energy and almost always are cracking a joke. Sometimes you’re a bit slow on the uptake, but that just makes you even more lovable.

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You got: Yuri

You’re easily one of the best dancers in Girls’ Generation, and you’re also very laid back. Your sweet disposition makes you an easy and popular companion among the members. You usually just go with the flow…if you’re with an energetic member, you’re energetic, but if you’re with a quiet member, you can be chill as well. You don’t make enemies and everyone likes you, really. You pull off the sexy look easily, and can be quite sultry during dance performances. For some reason you’re always given the bridge to sing in Girls’ Generation songs, but who knows why that is.

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You got: Sooyoung

You’re the member with a quick wit and a sharp tongue! Your comedic timing is unlike any of the other girls', and to be honest…you’re just plain funnier than the rest of them. Your impressions outshine everyone else’s and you don’t care if you make a fool of yourself for the sake of comedy. You’re tall and skinny, eat the most out of anyone, but somehow are still one of the best dancers in the group. You also care immensely about the other members, and take time to reach out and be close to all of them. You’re currently dabbling in acting and, let’s be real, you’re sort of killing it.

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You got: Yoona

You’re Girls’ Generation’s visual! AKA, you’re who everyone thinks is the prettiest. You’re soft spoken in public, but when you’re with the other members, a loud, dorky, and mischievous Yoona appears. You enjoy pulling pranks and laughing loudly. You eat tons and yet never gain weight, but actually lose weight instead because of how busy your schedule is. In addition to being a GG member, you also consistently act in dramas, so you’re always on the go. You’re the face of Girls’ Generation, and you don’t disappoint. You’re kind-hearted, a pure soul, and sweet through and through. Basically, you wouldn’t hurt a fly……but you might add 9 pounds of salt to its kimbap for a laugh.

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You got: Seohyun

You’re Girls’ Generation’s youngest member, or maknae! You take yourself pretty seriously, whether it be in school, singing, dancing, or even humor. Some call you “Seobot” because of your apparent lack of personality, but those who know you know that’s not true at all. You might not be as care-free as some of the other members, but you’re passionate about everything you do and you have a huge heart. You look up to the older members, but at the same time look out for them. You take good care of yourself (healthy eating, exercising, etc.) and are extremely down to earth. You don’t give the opposite sex much thought, but you do sometimes fantasize about true love, which you hope to someday find.

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