19 Things That Happen When You’re A 20-Something High School Teacher

College never prepared you for this.

1. Unintentionally “twinning” with your students.

And it always looks better on them…

2. Being mistaken for a student in the teachers’ lounge.

3. When your students constantly ask how old you are.

I use a lot of moisturizer.

4. Or when they ask you to follow them on Instagram.

5. Being asked to “dab” or “whip” on the daily.

6. Trying to be professional when your student says something hilariously inappropriate.

7. Your first time getting hit on by a high schooler.

8. When a “veteran” teacher wants your advice on incorporating technology.

9. The constant struggle between having a social life and staying awake during your own lessons.

10. Using words and phrases that were cool when you were younger and finding out that is no longer the case.

11. When you run into one of your students in public.

12. Being assigned to head up Prom Committee because “you’re young and will enjoy it.”

13. How you react when your students tell you the latest gossip.

14. Or when a student tries to call you by your first name.

15. Every time you’re mistaken for a student-teacher.

16. And when a parent says, “you don’t look old enough to be teacher!”

17. Playing new music in class and being asked, “you know this song?!”

18. Sure, it’s rough sometimes, but you know you’re good at your job and love what you do.

19. But on Friday afternoons, you’re still like:

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