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13 Things You'll Only Know If You Were A Cub Scout

Cup Camp was always in tents (geddit?)

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1. Conkers keep spiders out of your tent


Yeah, and pinecones keep away snakes *snigger*. The mother of all old wives tales. Ideal for calming down your arachnophobic camping buddy.

2. It's almost impossible to light a fire with two sticks (unless one of them is a match)


Here's to the many hours wasted on damp twigs.

3. It's possible to exist on nothing but tomato soup, custard creams and s'mores for an entire week on camp


Your parents were always thrilled when you came home simultaneously exhausted and riding a massive sugar high.

4. You were more likely to do what your Sixer told you than your mum or dad


Parent: Make your bed.

Cub: Noooo!

Sixer: Crawl through that muddy puddle and whip up some tuna pasta.

Cub: Yeah cool, I can do that.

5. Rolling a neckerchief was much easier than tying your school tie


It's engrained in our memory FOREVER.

6. On Cub camp, two hours sleep was the norm


Midnight feasts were compulsory.

7. A left-handed handshake meant you were part of the family


No explanation needed.

8. Saying the words 'fluffy bunny' with five marshmallows in your mouth (and still being understood) was a true art form


And is now a useful party trick to crack out when conversation's drying up.

9. On camp, a Pot Noodle is a good starter. Two Pot Noodles is a main course.


A splash of soy sauce and you felt like a Michelin star chef *stomach rumbles*.

10. An elastic band worked a treat if you lost your woggle.


Cue a lecture from your leader.

11. You secretly yearned for the day your badges spilled over from your arm to your chest #goals


You definitely didn't choose a few of the easier badges to earn to fill up the space quicker.

12. BP was a man, not an international oil and gas company


13. You knew your fellow Cubs always had your back


Did you know that conkers keep spiders out of your tent?

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