9 Hedgehogs Who Are Absolutely Up To No Good.

Enemies of the Hedge, Beware.

1. 1. Hedgie the Perv

He stole his owner’s girlfriend’s underpants. And he’s not giving them back.

2. 2. Hedge fund Douchehog Robertson the Fourth.

Taking selfies with your frat brother is bad hedgehog conduct.

3. 3. Ricky Hobohog

He may or may not have just taken some bath salts. Guard your extremities.

4. 4. Nosferatu Van Hedgsing

A collar that high is only meant for one thing: hiding your evil intentions.

5. 5. Baby Hitler Heilhog

I did Nazi that coming.

6. 6. Pedito Hogcenia

He is doing very, very wrong things to your guacamole.

7. 7. Professor H

He’s controlling your mind. Right now.

8. 8. The Dreaded Frijole

He can just straight up kick your butt. ESL style, beeches.

9. 9. Hedgibal Lector

He hungers for man flesh. Also, some fava beans.

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