11 Reasons Ron Swanson Is My Perfect Man

I’d climb all the the way up to Honor on that pyramid.

1. 1. He’s confident.

But in the brawny, manly way, not the douchey, teenage boy way.

2. 2. He’s honest.

And he enjoys food more than people. As do I, Ron. As do I.

3. 3. We share a mutual hatred for skim milk.


5. 4. He’s decisive.

I’d always let him pick where we ate. And it would always be breakfast.
Because that’s how it should be.

6. 5. He can command the attention of any room.

So eloquent.

7. 6. He’s specific.

He asks for exactly what he wants. And he’s gonna get it, if ya know what I mean.
… Too much? Okay.

8. 7. He’s concise.

And a MAN.

9. 8. He believes in commitment.

I would never settle for half of his ass.

10. 9. He knows how to keep his distance.

You can’t get too chummy with people. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

11. 10. THIS.

I can also make hashbrowns!!!

12. 11. Also this.

Because, come on, he’s so cute.

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