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    31 Lessons To Learn From Uncle Si

    He's got a lot to teach us, after all.

    1. Be hip

    2. Be articulate

    3. Be innovative

    4. Be witty

    5. Be wise

    6. Be a damn good time

    7. Be up to date on all the cool lingo

    8. Be a great storyteller

    9. Be assertive

    10. Be cautious

    11. Be honest

    12. Be magical

    13. Be ambitious

    14. Be consistent

    15. Be careful

    16. Be realistic

    17. Be a team player

    18. Be true to yourself

    19. Be a planner

    20. Be aggressive

    21. Be complimentary

    22. Be unique

    23. Be sassy

    24. Be truthful

    25. Be stealthy

    26. Be cultured

    27. Be playful

    28. Be adventurous

    29. Be fashionable

    30. Be resourceful

    31. Be protective

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