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Women React To Awful Sex Advice Throughout History

"Fuck you, fuck this advice, fuck everything."

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Glamour had a bunch of women react to sex advice from 1680 to 1963 and their reactions were hilarious.

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The women were first read an excerpt from The School Of Venus (1680), which was basically just anti-hand jobs.

This woman thought it might be implying that blow jobs are better than hand jobs, but was told that it might just be suggesting one go for vaginal sex.

But this woman didn't agree.

Next, they read a quote from How To Be Popular With Boys (1981), which advised women to be shy and trembling.

The ladies were not down.

"Women are awesome when they're strong, when they're confident, when they're smart, when they know who they are [and] what they want. And if a guy can't feel manly on his own, kick him out."



Finally, they got a quote from Ann Landers Talks To Teenagers About Sex (1963), hoping it would be promising.

No dice.

"No, I'm not scrubbing floors, Ann." Ugh.