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    This Hilarious Woman Found A Family Of Possums In Her Closet And Filmed The Whole Experience

    "How many of them are there?!"

    Tara McVicar was just going about her business when, to her horror, she discovered a possum had been living in her freaking closet.

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    "I don't know how he got in, and I don't know how to get him out!"

    Tara explored the situation a bit more and then kindly asked the possum to leave. Instead, he made a hissing sound at her!

    She tried sweeping him out...

    But he wasn't having it! Plus, Tara was starting to have conflicting feelings.

    Suddenly, though, Tara noticed the big possum was protecting a baby possum! It had to be a mama protecting her young!

    Tara was really conflicted now! And the possum had totally changed sexes.

    More and more baby possums starting emerging!

    Finally the mama possum emerged from the closet with her babies.

    "She's coming to judge my clutter room. Are you judging? No judgement. Look, man, you have a built-in-closet, you're a marsupial. You can put your clutter in your pouch!"

    "One big step for possum-kind!" Hurrah, the possum finally walked outside!

    Good luck out there, possum fam!