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This Is All The Exercise You'll Have To Do To Burn Off Your Thanksgiving Dinner


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Damn, that's a lot of calories to burn off. But it's sooooo worth it.

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You'll have to bike for 50 minutes to burn off two cups of mashed potatoes.

And you will need to run for an hour to make up for those two slices of pecan pie. You know you can't have just one!

Brussels sprouts? No big. Just do yoga for an hour.

And your aunt's favorite stuffing will have you doing push-ups for OVER AN HOUR.

To burn off the star of the show, turkey and gravy, you will have to sign up for that Zumba class you've been putting off.

And to make up for that ham, you'll have to swim for an hour. Try not to get any cramps.

Finally, that second dessert at midnight will have you doing 300 pull-ups the next day. Totally worth every bite.