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    Watch What Happens When A Fake Chef Pranks The Local News

    Live trolling at its finest.

    The creators of a touring comedy show called the Found Footage Festival realized just how easy it was to get booked on local morning news, especially in the Midwest.

    So they created a fake chef named Chef Keith, who's kind of "unorthodox" in his method...

    He made five TV appearances, "giving tips for sprucing up your holiday leftovers, even though he wasn't a real guy."

    "Put on your corn sprinkles, and don't forget the cranberry cherry on top." fake chef Keith instructed, after mentioning that, after all, he's "self-taught."

    The pranksters went on to tell us that, "everyone at the news station was delightful and thanked me for coming on afterward. They wished me the best of luck on my book. Bless them and their tolerance for putting up with an idiot both on and off air."