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    Watch 100 Years Of Persian Beauty In Just Over A Minute

    Beautiful in every era.

    In their latest installment of 100 Years Of Beauty, Cut Video shows us the last ten decades of Iranian style.

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    In the 1910s, women in Iran kept it natural. Only married women would do any kind of facial hair removal and some women would actually fill in their unibrow with eyeliner.

    The 1920s saw the first female students at the University of Tehran, and this new independence can be seen in the style that emerged.

    In the 30s, the King changed the name of the country from Persia to Iran and outlawed the hijab. Women who felt uncomfortable with their hair on display, or religious women, would instead wear hats to hide their hair.

    In the 1940s, women looked up to actresses of the time.

    The 50s saw women pinning their hair back...

    Whereas the 60s were all about volume and drama, with a big focus on the eyes.

    Women grew their hair out a little more in the 70s.

    In the 80s, after the revolution of 1979, the hijab became mandatory again.

    But the 90s saw more colorful veils.

    In the 2000s, the Iranian presidential election protests, or the Green Revolution, dictated the style of that era.

    Finally, in the 2010s, we see hijabs of various colors and patterns and a semi-covered look.