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This Woman Went On A Date With A Man Who Was Her Perfect Match On Paper To See If It Translated To Real Life

"Perfection doesn't exist, because you need that magic spark that you can't put your finger on."

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Relationship blogger Alexi Wasser had Glamour find a guy that matched her exact preferences and set them up on a date to see if there's such a thing as a perfect match.

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When asked about her best case scenario, she said, "We'll fall in love, we'll make out, we'll laugh a lot. We'll be like, 'This is amazing! I can't believe this ridiculous, crazy experiment actually made me meet somebody cool.'"


But there were certain things about him she didn't love. Namely, that he was only 23, that he was an actor, and that he ordered veal at dinner, which, according to Alexi, is only on the menu as "a test to see if you're a bad human."