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    This Weight Loss Video Is About A Lot More Than Getting Fit

    How to lose weight in 4 easy steps (and also get over an ex).

    This starts off as a simple weight loss video, but ends up telling a story that is so much more than skin deep. Based off this heart-wrenching post, and directed by Ben Berman, the short film premiered at Sundance and features SNL's Beck Bennett.

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    Look out for Conan as well!

    Step one: No beer. Just one pint is equal to seven slices of bread!

    Step two: Portion control. Try saving half of your meal for later.

    Step three (and this is the most important step of all): Get your heart broken. Shattered, even.


    Anyone who has ever lost weight knows this is the most true tip.

    Maybe your heartbreak will inspire you to join a gym even though the only thing you can do is lift 5-pound weights with the old folks.

    Plan out your meals.


    Try to forget the girl.

    After a conversation with your ex, you might realize that Slayer's Angel Of Death is the perfect song to do squats to.

    Work, gym, food, sleep, over and over.

    It's important to not forget that you're a piece of shit.

    Hit your goal weight and pick a new one.

    Your ex tells you that she's seeing someone else.

    Run farther and lift more than you thought was possible.

    Try not to stare at that girl who does weird leg exercises at the gym...

    ...Because you're overly concerned about being like that creepy dude who never wears underwear.



    But maybe you talk to her one night on the way out of the gym.

    You start seeing her a lot more, both inside and outside the gym. Your ex calls you late one night but you don't answer.

    One day you'll realize it's been exactly a year since you started working out.

    You think of all the miles you've run, pounds you've lifted, and chicken you've eaten. It doesn't seem that bad in retrospect. It's not about hitting a goal, it's about waiting and being patient. "Change takes time, but time is all it takes."

    Step four: No fruit juice.

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