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    This Man Made A Hilarious Horror Movie Trailer Out Of His Honeymoon Footage And It's Perfect

    However, his wife might not be too pleased.

    Cory Knopes' wife Anna asked him to make a video of their honeymoon adventures around the California coast. He told BuzzFeed that he knew "she wanted a serious look-how-lovey-we-are clip" but this is what she got instead...

    Cory and Anna had a magical trip traveling around Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco, Petaluma, and Yosemite, but this video makes it look like The Blair Witch Project!

    Anna's grandparents went on the same honeymoon trip, and her great grandparents had their wedding reception in the hotel Cory and Anna stayed in while in SF, but you would never know from the video.

    Their honeymoon was beautiful, this video is beautiful (in a different way) and Cory is definitely a keeper! Congrats, you two!