This Guy Made A $4,000 Suit From Scratch And It Took Him 10 Months

He picked and weaved his own cotton, sheared a sheep for wool, harvested hemp, raised silkworms, sheared an alpaca for felt, and shot and skinned a deer for leather.

1. Following the six-month journey Andy George from How to Make Everything took to make a sandwich from scratch, he decided to see how long it would take to make a suit from scratch:

2. Step 1: Cotton.

First the picking…

3. …then the spinning…

4. …then the weaving.

5. Step 2: Wool.

6. Note: Shearing a sheep is not as easy as it seems.

7. Spin the wool.

8. Knit the wool.

9. Step 3: Hemp. First it must be harvested.

10. Then comes the breaking…

11. …then the hackling…

12. …and duh, spinning and weaving.


13. Step 4: Silk. First you must raise silkworms.

14. Once they have produced silk, it needs to be reeled.

15. And, you guessed it, woven.

16. Step 5: Alpaca.

It might even be more awkward to shear an alpaca than it is to shear sheep.

17. Then comes the felting.

18. Step 6: Leather.

To get leather, you must skin an animal :(

20. Next comes the fleshing, which is exactly what it sounds like.

22. …and dyed with tree bark.

23. After some leather working…

24. …and lots of cutting and tailoring…

25. …the suit was assembled!

26. It definitely has a very homemade ~vibe~ and would probably work best in a cold climate. But even after all that work, he was a little short on material!

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