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This Little Girl Will Slay You With Her Rapping

All the hits.

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With 2.1 million followers, you may have heard of the Viner family EhBee. They're an adorable, talented family of four, all hilarious and with special talents. The son happens to be an amazing singer, while the daughter can rap like a beast.

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: ehbeefamily

She started school about a week ago. / Via

She's got Disney down to her socks like Minnie Mouse. / Via

She knows how to whip out the motherfather's van. / Via

She's got 99 costumes, but a witch ain't one. / Via

She rolls down the street in her big wheel, sippin' on apple juice. / Via

And watches Netflix with her bro. / Via

But her dad is so broke-oh. / Via

It's just her motherfather brother and her! / Via