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    Posted on Oct 10, 2015

    These Women Used Periscope For The First Time And Felt Like They Were Being Catcalled On The Internet

    "They see you as someone they can say anything to because you have a vagina."

    Glamour was curious to see how women get treated on Periscope, a new live-streaming app. So, they brought in a bunch of willing participants and filmed their experience:

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    Periscope allows you to stream your life while others comment. Glamour tried it with a guy and noticed that only four people on the whole app were watching. What would it be like for women?

    Right away, the viewers came flocking. They began asking personal questions as well.

    Then inappropriate, sexual questions.

    It got weird and uncomfortable.

    Afterwards, the women reflected on their experience and discussed the creepy comments.

    They were hoping that maybe it was young kids and not adults who were saying that kind of stuff to them.

    Ultimately, it was a pretty depressing experience that was a lot like being catcalled on the street. The women were objectified almost immediately and treated as if they had no worth.