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The Guy Who Pretended To Be Bradley Cooper At Sundance Just Put Out A Video

Cradley Booper on the loose!

You've probably been seeing headlines about a Bradley Cooper lookalike "terrorizing Sundance" last week. Well, this is how he did it:

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Meet Matt Katzenbach.

He and his twin Scott look uncannily like our main man Brad Coop.

So, they decided to put Vanity Fair's tips for how to look and act like Bradley Cooper to the test.


"Wear a suit jacket, but no tie. Don’t tuck in your shirt. Look like you slept in the clothes you’re wearing, but also like you could be sitting front row at a Prada fashion show in them (we know, it’s a tricky balance)."

So far so good.

Tip 2: flirt with the servers before shoulder surfing the room.


"Walk up to one of the caterers passing around hors d’oeuvres, and crouch down a bit and say, “How are you doing tonight, hon? You O.K.?,” and then when she starts to answer, sort of absentmindedly look around the room."

People began to wonder, could this guy be from a movie?

Boom, baby.

The next step was obviously to name-drop.


"Drop David and Jennifer and Sienna into conversation, with as much verbal italics as possible."

And then, of course, jump up and down randomly because...of course. (Not really sure about this one...just nod along).


"Every once in a while, jump up-and-down seven or eight times. If anyone gives you a weird look, just smile and nod your head at them. (They will smile and wave back.)"

At the end of the day, Matt punk'd the fuck out of the unexpected people of Sundance.

Watch out for Cradley Booper at your next event!