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    Posted on Dec 24, 2014

    This Heartwarming Video Shows That Kids Prefer Spending Time With Their Parents Over Extravagant Gifts

    Guaranteed to restore your faith in humanity.

    IKEA Spain had kids participate in an experiment about the perfect Christmas gift. They asked each child to write a letter to Santa, and another to their parents. The difference in the letters is truly amazing.

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    When asking Santa for a gift, the kids focused on material items and toys.

    In fact, they really went all out, requesting large and expensive gifts. Even a unicorn!

    Next, the children were asked to write letters to their parents.

    At first, they were kind of confused. But after thinking about it for a bit, they wrote the other letter.

    Their parents were then given the letters and were totally floored by what their kids had written.

    Overwhelmingly, the kids just wanted to spend more quality time with their parents.

    They wanted to be tickled and read to more!

    The parents were so touched! All this time they thought their kids wanted toys and material things, but really they just wanted to be with their family.

    Finally, the children were asked if they could only send one letter, which one would they send? They all chose the second letter. The one to their parents.