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    Heartbreaking Video Uses A Gorilla Signing To Emphasize The Impact Of Climate Change

    "Fix Earth! Help Earth!"

    Koko the gorilla is known for her ability to use sign language to communicate. With the help of nonprofit Noé, a French-based non-profit focused on preserving biodiversity, Koko learned how to sign a message for humankind.

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    According to, "The resulting PSA was edited from a number of separate takes, for brevity and continuity."

    She starts by letting us know that she is a gorilla, but she is also all plants and animals. She is nature.

    Koko loves Earth, and loves man. But does man love Earth?

    Koko signs that we are running out of time.

    And that it's up to man to fix Earth now.

    We love you, Koko. Thanks for the message.


    This post has had information added to clarify that it is a stunt to bring attention to the nonprofit group Noé.