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This Guy Went About Proposing In The Most Respectful Way

"Dad would 100% want you guys to get married."

Tyler Shelton has been documenting every day of his twenties on his YouTube channel. In this special vlog, however, he films the entire process behind his proposal.

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Tyler and Haylee have been dating for almost seven years.

Haylee's dad Greg died a little over a year ago, and Tyler never was able to ask for Greg's blessing in marriage.

So, he decided to contact all of Haylee's siblings and ask them before proposing.

He called Haylee's brother Grant, Haylee's sister Danielle...

...And even asked Haylee's brother Zach in person. Of course, they all were super excited and touched that he checked with them first.

They also assured him that their dad would've been so happy for Tyler to propose and that he loved him like a son.

Even still, Tyler wrote Greg a letter asking for his blessing.

Tyler proposed to Haylee in Rome, Italy, and of course she said yes.


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