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    This Crazy Guy Recreated “Up” By Having 90 Balloons Lift Him Up To Space In A Lawn Chair

    Do not try this at home.

    Daredevil Erik Roner used 50 tanks of helium, 90 balloons, and a lawn chair to get lifted to space in this insane video.

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    Lots of friends came out to help Roner blow up balloons on the big day.

    A couple balloons starting bursting, though, which definitely scared Roner and the rest of the team.

    The remaining balloons were then secured to this rickety, old lawn chair.

    Even though it was sketchy, it was time to embark on the journey.

    Before you freak out, the plan was to wear a parachute all along.


    As he climbed higher and higher, Roner observed how peaceful it was to be floating above the earth and all it's chaos.

    "It's nice up here."

    Pretty soon, though, balloons starting popping. "They told me that would be scary, and yes it is," Roner remarked.

    It was time to come back down. Roner, daredevil that he is, decided to shoot the balloons to descend.

    He then ejected the seat, while still holding onto the gun!


    After a bit of a free fall, the parachute opened and he floated back down. What an epic journey!