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This Amazing Story Of A Young Transgender Boy Will Inspire You

As soon as Ryland could speak, he would scream, "I'm a boy!"

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Ryland Whittington was born a healthy, happy, and beautiful baby girl. According to Ryland's parents, as soon as he could speak Ryland started showing aversion to anything feminine.

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Ryland made it clear to his parents that he self-identified as a boy.

He started to display increasing amounts of shame as he grew up and told his parents, "When the family dies, I'm going to cut off my hair so I can be a boy."

After talking with professionals, Ryland's parents came to the conclusion that Ryland is transgender. Although he was born with female anatomy, Ryland identifies as a boy.

For Ryland's well-being, his parents were advised to allow him to transition as soon as possible. They cut his hair, changed pronouns to he/him, and sent a letter to friends and family explaining the change.

Most children realize their true gender between 3 and 5 years old. Ryland knew who he was and was lucky enough to have parents who understood and supported him no matter what.

Thank you, Whittington family, for helping the world to be a better place!

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