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A Group Of People Thought They Were Being Given Free Tans, But Instead Got The Shock Of Their Lives

Would you get a fake tan knowing that tanning beds have the same cancer rating as Plutonium, cigarettes, and asbestos?

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People continue to ignore the risks associated with indoor tanning, so Free Killer Tan decided to do something drastic.

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Free Killer Tan works with Mollie's Fund, a non-profit melanoma organization created in memory of Mollie Biggane, who died of skin cancer at the age of 20. Their goal is to save lives through increased awareness about melanoma prevention.

Their plan was to offer free tans to people in Times Square...

...Set up a fake tanning salon called Vitamin Sun, and open for business.

But when the customers entered the tanning area, they were surprised to find a very strange scene.

It was a funeral — their funeral.

Obviously, most people were a little freaked out.

Pretty safe to say that these people will think twice before going for an indoor tan again.

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