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    These Geniuses Made Fake TV Show Trailers Using Only Stock Footage

    And they're perfect.

    This video "features generic genres, tried-and-true tropes, stereotypical characters, and can’t-miss casting" that totally looks like the trailers for your favorite TV shows. And the whole thing was made using only stock footage from Dissolve. / Via

    You know you'll love Gritty Police Drama starring a former 90s heartthrob...

    And this woman who totally holds her own.

    OOoooOoo and Quirky Roommates Sitcom looks right up your alley.

    I mean, it stars that nerdy but hot girl...

    ...The charming doofus we all love...

    And let's not forget the smart guy who's terrible at dating.

    If you're more into reality tv, you might want to check out this survival show set in an exotic location.

    Who will you vote for?

    Finally, you're going to love this new daytime talk show, Talk Show.

    Enjoy the shows! Just be sure to fast forward through all those diaper commercials.