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The Sad Truth Behind Purebred Dogs May Make You Upset

If you own a purebred, this might be ruff. Just don't terrier yourself up about it.

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CollegeHumor is here to ruin all our dog fun and unleash the awful truth about purebreds.

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The way we talk about dog breeds is all wrong. We think they occur naturally, when we, in fact, engineer them.

Mutts are actually dogs in their natural, healthy state, and pure-breeding is a form of genetic manipulation.

In truth, 90% of all dog breeds were created in the last 100 years.

Kennel clubs prohibit purebred dogs from ever mating outside their breed, and often mate them with their own parents and siblings!

Even though they're so cute and fluffy and wrinkly and UGH, a century of inbreeding has made purebreds very sick.

So go to your local shelter and get yourself a puppy mutt! They're 100% all natural dog.

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