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You Will Never View Benedict Cumberbatch In The Same Way After Watching Madame Tussauds Make His Wax Figure


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Seriously, this ish will blow your mind. You will gasp and let slip an audible "oh my god." Prepare yourself emotionally.

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The first step was measuring the man with lots of crazy tools. They took hundreds of photographs and made molds of his hands.

Then, they color-matched his skin, hair, eyeballs, etc.

Afterwards, an artist spent five weeks sculpting Cumberbatch's head.

Whoa. Who is who?

A mold was then made from the sculpted clay head, which doesn't look terrifying at all.

Then it was time for "hair insertion," WHERE ONE HAIR WAS PLACED AT A TIME.

Next "he" went to coloring, where a colorist used layers of oil paint to capture tiny skin details.

All in all, the process took three months and the final product is UN-F*CKING-BELIEVABLE.

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