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    This Is What It Takes To Grow A Man Bun

    "If you think this journey is just a physical one, think again."

    Jack Greystone is known for his man bun of steel. But the tall tail's tale is far more complicated and hairy than one might think. This is his story...the story of growth:

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    This cheeky short was directed by Natalie Rae Robison, and written by Jack Greystone, Natalie Rae Robison, Anna Hopkins, and Clara Altimas.

    Meet one of the hottest man buns of all time:

    It's ready for the weekend...

    ...But also totally work appropriate.

    It's athleisure...

    ...Meets nautical.

    It even goes halfway.

    Even though it looks flawless, "growth takes time, and conditioning takes maintenance."

    But Greystone is inspired by rule breakers, like the first woman to wear pants, and that keeps him going.

    His life is much like the life of a professional athlete. And a farmer.

    But what was life like before the bun? Obviously, Greystone had no friends.

    But with the bun? Thousands.

    But what about all this talk that man buns are over? That they're so 2015? Clearly these people know nothing.

    The man bun is here to stay. Stay strong.