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    The Cost Of Being A Maid Of Honor Vs. Being A Best Man

    Sorry, bank account.

    Welp, we all know that being a maid of honor is emotionally and financially more costly than being a best man, but this is how it really breaks down:

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    Before anything gets underway, the maid of honor has to make herself available and open to the bride's every whim.

    The bridal shower can get super costly right off the bat, especially if there's airfare and accommodation required. But even without the Uber, airfare, and hotel, you still have to bring a gift.

    For argument's sake, let's assume you live in the same city as your bff. In that case, you would only need to Uber, get a gift, and have an outfit. Let's say you recycled an older dress for this event. In that case, you would still be spending $170 on this day alone. Meanwhile, dudes don't have to do any of this.

    Arguably the most expensive aspect of the wedding is having to pay for the bridesmaid dress and accessories. Don't forget the cost of alteration, since those dresses literally never fit anyone.

    Bachelorette and bachelor parties are usually pretty damn expensive. It really depends on the bride and groom in this situation, as it has become super common to choose to go out of town for an entire weekend of festivities, which can drastically raise this cost.

    On the ~magical day~ the cost is pretty much the same for guys and gals...

    ....unless there are hair, makeup, and jewelry expenses.

    And there you have it! Obviously, weddings are expensive AF! But it costs even more to be part of one if you're a woman.