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Seth Rogen Gives A Hilarious Yet Touching Speech Before A Senate Hearing On Alzheimer's Research

He's even more lovable than we thought!

You might not expect to see Seth Rogen speaking on the allocation of funds for Alzheimer's research, but his mother-in-law has the disease, so the cause is deeply personal to him.

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Obviously he opened with a few jokes:

"Thank you very much for having me...and for the opportunity for me to be called an expert in something, because that's cool."

"I don't know if you know who I am at all. You told me you never saw Knocked Up, Chairman, so... that's a little insulting."

"First I should answer the question I assume many of you are asking: Yes, I'm aware this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana."

Rogen went on to give a compelling, personal anecdote of his experience with Alzheimer's, including his desire to educate young people about the disease. "People need more help," he said.

He also has an organization, Hilarity For Charity, to help spread awareness. Bravo, sir! Bravo again.