Seniors In College Battle Senior Citizens In Classic Drinking Games And It's Epic

    Seniors vs. seniors.

    Complex had seniors battle seniors in beer pong, flip cup, and anchorman to see if years of drinking could outmatch youthful recklessness.

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    First up was beer pong. The senior citizens were pretty confident in their pong abilities and thought they had this one in the bag.

    But the college seniors were also extremely cocky.

    The game began and the college seniors quickly took the lead.

    TBH, they were on fire.

    But this senior citizen had a pretty good bounce technique.

    And this guy was pretty much over the moon when he sunk a ball!

    Despite the seniors' efforts, the college students came out on top.

    Next was flip cup. Cups were flipping left and right!

    But in the end, it was the older gentlemen that beat out the young.

    The last challenge was anchorman, which basically required the guys to drink a large boot full of beer as fast as possible.

    Each team had their own strategy...

    But this senior citizen drank like a champ and carried his team to victory!

    The students were flabbergasted.

    But overall, everyone had a great time and was sufficiently wasted. Congrats, senior citizens!