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    Sarah Silverman Turned Hannah Hart's "Drunk Kitchen" Into A Stoned Kitchen And It's The Best

    Of course, they made pot pie!

    If you're not familiar with "My Drunk Kitchen," get involved! On this episode, though, things got a little smokier. Bonus: you get to see inside Sarah Silverman's cool kitchen!

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    Hi, guys! Let's poke some smot and get it cooking!

    Sarah Silverman doesn't like drinking, claiming that even wine "tastes like mayonnaise earwax." Therefore, instead of getting tipsy and making some food, Hannah and Sarah hopped on the weed train to Munchie Town.

    They started getting their cook on. And it looked like ALL THE FUN!

    It was more than cooking, it was art.

    Hannah was really surprised at how much easier it was to cook stoned v. drunk.

    Things were also starting to get pretty deep.

    Meanwhile, the pot pies were really coming along!

    And the finished product was so delicious, Sarah and Hannah decided that maybe a pot pie chain restaurant was the logical next step.

    What a great day!