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There's A Movement For Men To Regrow Their Foreskin

They really want their foreskin back.

Fusion's "Asking For A Friend" explores the growing movement of foreskin regeneration.

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While the majority of US males are circumcized, the numbers are steadily declining.

The American Academy of Pediatrics finds that circumcision health benefits outweigh the risk, but they're not enough to recommend circumcision universally.

A growing population of women and men, called Inactivists, started a movement to keep foreskin around.

Some of the men involved have even begun to restore their foreskin. But how do you grow something that's already gone?

This restoration process is done using a TLC Tugger, and is a lot like gauging your ears. It takes a couple years of gradual tugging to get the desired effect.

There's also a company trying to 3D print foreskin using stem-cells.

  1. So, is your penis circumcised?

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So, is your penis circumcised?
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    Yes, and I'm glad.
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    I don't have a penis!