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    Posted on May 23, 2014

    How To Eat And Drink For Free On Your Birthday When It's Not Even Your Birthday

    Hacky Birthday!

    The Hacks Of Life team is back and this time they're tackling free birthday treats. Only thing is, it's not your birthday. Never fear! These guys got ya covered. First step is discovering which restaurants offer free meals on your "special" day.

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    Your birthday is only one day out of 365 but why should that stop you from playing the bday card? Let's start with breakfast. You have to fool the employees that it's your big day without being ID'ed. Friends with costumes and fake presents help.

    Oh hey, Rufio!

    Next stop: lunch. Write a fake "kick me, it's my birthday" sign like that of an a-hole. Then tape it to your back and let the waitstaff find it themselves.

    Here comes the important part: birthday drinks. A bartender is more inclined to offer you a free drink when they find out it's your birthday without you having to tell them. Perhaps wear a giant crown to lead them in the right direction.

    Orrrrrr sneak off to the bathroom and call the bar. Let them know you can't make your friend's birthday party and to please relay the message. They're bound to feel sorry for you and offer up a free beverage. Boom! Now you're drunk and full for free!

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