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What Is Even Happening In This Video About Babies Pooping

Poo in the potty.

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Bravo's Flipping Out star Jenni Pulos made this toilet training music video produced by and I have so many questions.

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Right away, I'm confused. There are babies protesting potties, it seems. And hey, it's true, their poo, their right. I get that. But diapers forever? Is that really a way to live?

Then Jenni makes an entrance and winks at us to poo in the potty.

This baby seems to be on trial and he's very upset! Someone read him his rights!

Meanwhile, Jenni is dancing with her friends and this kid is squirming on a potty in court.

Just some fun TP action to break up all this scary law stuff!

But then it's straight back to this very serious toddler trial.

Listen, I'm all for poo in the potty, OK? That's where poo belongs. But WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

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