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    Men Review Women's Sex Toys And Get Very Uncomfortable

    "Kinda looks like it would do some damage. Like, make a milkshake of your insides."

    Facts found a bunch of guys to review dildos and other sex toys for women, and their reactions were hilarious:

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    First up, the men were given the Rampant Rabbit.

    For most of the guys, it was clearly their first dildo experience.

    They really couldn't get over the speed and movement.

    Also, they were getting visibly uncomfortable!

    But there were more sex toys to review! Next: the Flick-Her.

    But was it a sex toy or a whisk?

    Frankly, they were a little worried about this one.

    But it was time to move on and look at the Vibraplug, a vibrating butt plug.

    They found other uses for this one, though.

    Finally, a couples sex toy:

    It definitely won the "Looks Most Like Sperm" award.

    After really familiarizing themselves with women's sex toys, the men felt lots of feelings. Mostly, this guy was relieved because now the pressure's off. He'll let the machine handle everything.