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Men Describe And Draw Their Ideal Boobs

( . Y . )

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We've seen men describe and draw their ideal vaginas, but now it's time to give the bewbs some attention. LOLPervs is at it again with this sexperiment.

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Even though all breasts are perfect, these men were asked to describe their ideal boobies.

When asked about the perfect size boob, this man admitted that he really only cares that they exist.

This dude just wanted that handful.

And this guy is what one might call a Size King. Bring on the tig ol' bitties.

But this man didn't want to discriminate because beauty comes in many forms.

Next it was time to draw it out. This dude accidentally drew a face on his first attempt.

Meanwhile, the Size King almost ran out of papers with his drawing! "I would probably guess these are D's or DD's. Gotta be. At least."

This man's perfect size was more around a B or C, judging from his drawing.

Whereas this guy drew "a C or D, depending on who's wearing 'em."

And the guy who just likes that boobs exist drew exactly that.

Yay for boobs!