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These Men Were Given A Menstrual Cup And Had No Idea What It Was

"Something to clean out your ears or something? Or, like, a weird turkey baster."

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LOLPervs placed a menstrual cup in front of clueless men to see if they could figure out what it was. As it turns out, they had some pretty creative guesses.

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This guy wasn't sure if it was meant for cleaning or basting.

Continuing with the cleaning theme, this guy thought that maybe it was used to clean placenta off newborns?!


Vague, but true.

Then things really started getting interesting.

This guy again with the truth.

Eventually, it was time for the big reveal:

When this dude learned that it was a tampon alternative, he tried to guess how it was used...

For all you clueless guys and girls, this is how it really works:

After the reveal, some of the guys wanted more details. What about gravity?

Don't be scared. Be the menstrual unicorn.

And props to this guy for continuing to play with the cup!