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This Guy Spent Six Months Making A Sandwich And All Its Ingredients From Scratch

He grew his own veggies, made salt from ocean water, milked a cow for cheese and butter, ground his own flour from wheat, collected his own honey, and killed a chicken.

How to Make Everything's Andy George aims to discover the complex process of making simple products that are often taken for granted by making everything from scratch. This is how he made a sandwich over the course of six months:

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Step 1: Grow a garden.

Step 2: Get ocean water, make salt.

Step 3: Pickle.

Step 4: Milk a cow.

Step 5: Make cheese.

Step 6: Harvest wheat.

Step 7: Collect honey.

Step 8: Make butter.

Step 9: Make bread.

Step 10: Commit murder.


"It's not bad. Six months of my life were not bad."